Woh Hup Group CSR: Overseas Community Involvement Project 2018 - Yangon, Myanmar

In collaboration with Mercy Relief and Myanmar Heart Development Organization, we embarked on an overseas community involvement project to Yangon, Myanmar in 2018 to build water supply and filtration systems in three villages in Hmawbi Township.

Over the course of four weeks in October and November, 120 staff from both our Singapore and Myanmar offices toiled together under the taxing weather to build the water system. 

We are heartened to know that more than 4,200 villagers will have access to clean water within close proximity to their homes and schools.  And that our staff had a chance to do their part for the community and get to know their colleagues better through this project.

Working in Woh Hup: Singapore, 2018 May

We believe that our people are our biggest asset and they are the main engine that drives the company forward. We are fortunate to have a strong cohesive team that works together like one big family. This video features what it is like for our staff to work in this big Woh Hup family.

Woh Hup Group Building Communities : Chiang Mai 2016

In the month of March 2016, over a period of 4 weeks, we sent close to 200 staff to construct the Love & Care Centre in YMCA Sankhampaeng District, Chiangmai Thailand, as part of YMCA's development project in Chiang Mai.

Woh Hup staff worked alongside a YMCA community to build a community centre designed for the elderly and youths to interact with one another and for the youths to take care of their seniors. Currently, the locals have been suffering from cramped spaces in the temple and as a result, are unable to provide an efficient learning environment for the elderly and youth.  

Woh Hup's Group commitment to corporate social responsibility

Woh Hup firmly believes it has a social, cultural and environmental responsibility to the community. We are also an advocate in helping the disadvantaged. Over the years, we have contributed regularly to several non-profit organizations and also organizes charitable activities such as Charity Luncheon for the Aged and charity teambuilding trips to Taiwan, Macau, The Philippines and Thailand.

Woh Hup of Parent Company celebrates its 90th anniversary

We have come a long way since the company started in 1927, and in 2017 we celebrated our 90th anniversary. We are honored and grateful for the support of all our business partners who supported us, who shared a common vision, aspirations and values and allowing us to achieve this significant milestone today.  

But of utmost importance are our fellow colleagues who have persevered and devoted their hard work to the company. Thank you for all your dedication, sacrifices, commitment and passion in helping Woh Hup stand the test of time.

Woh Hup of Parent Company Corporate Video

A short video about the company.